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"Get Ready To MAKE A FORTUNE Creating Amazing Star-Filled Night Sky Ceilings That Look So IMPRESSIVE, So Real That People Will Literally BEG You To Do One For Them"

You Are About To Discover How To Create “Amazing Star Murals” That Will Be Worth $1,000 – $2000.  How’s that you say?  Because I Will Show You Step-by-Step, How To Make Them Look Incredibly Real Whether You Are an Artist or Not - Guaranteed!ufo3

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Leon Charles Cusano Jr. (Lee) owner and founder of Sci-Fi Ceilings® and creator of "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System".

Dear Friend,

What if you had your own out of the ordinary, red-hot, moneymaking product that you could offer people in your own hometown that no one else has to offer?

Even one that you could produce for mere pennies on the dollar. A product that EVERYONE in any home would love to have, no matter what age or income level even? And what if this product could let you make $100, $200, $500 even $1,000 in a single day?

Hello and Welcome! My name is Lee Cusano, owner of Lee’s Painting Service located in Grand Bay, Alabama (originally from Kalamazoo, MI). I have successfully owned and operated my own residential/commercial painting business since 1991.

In 2005 I began to develop a powerful add-on niche for my business called Star Mural painting. While being a house painter and not really an artist, I couldn’t even imagine painting a picture-type mural. Yet I found space murals to be FUN, EASY and very impressive once I discovered a few secrets of the trade!

You see, a star mural ceiling looks like any normal ceiling during the daytime, but when it gets dark out the stars begin to appear just like the real night sky. It was over time through trial and error I began to get good at making my murals look realistic. I just kept making them over and over again and I kept testing new tools until I found the ones I liked best and got the job done the fastest.

Through your efforts, bedroom ceilings will magically come alive with an amazing, twinkling, colorful star-filled night sky. One like they have never seen before. One that can only be seen high up in the mountains, far out at sea or in the remotest parts of the earth far away from the pollution of man-made city lights…

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Hi Lee,

I purchased your product “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” and I must say that I am truly impressed. Your system is by far the BEST system out there.

I’ve purchased other star mural business opportunities and have been truly disappointed.  But not the case with yours.  WOW!  Your system covers every detail when it comes to creating awesome star murals.  From creating stars and the constellations to the Milky Way and distant planets.  You cover it all.

Without question, I owe all my success and all future success in this business to you.

Norman Spooner
Spencer. IA

The $500 A Day Club

As a professional painter I sometimes get as much as $500 for 7 – 10 hours of easy work in the drywall repair business. This is because of the perceived value of professional drywall and plaster repair and the secrets of what I call "working my magic".

It is the same way for quality ceiling murals. People automatically expect that a professional looking star mural is going to cost a lot because of the beauty and detail. And once they see it all lit up they will KNOW they got their money's worth - the awesomeness of a star filled night sky complete with the Milky Way and MORE!

And if it doesn’t cost a lot some will be disappointed anyway because people put value on price. They are thinking that this is going to be something that is really cool. They just got to have it! And they should expect your work to be expensive if your work is good, right?

The higher price commands respect as well as matches the product and you keep your posture as a salesman/artist as well. No starving artist/beggars banquet here. As a matter of fact, 60 Minutes did a show all about an artist who couldn't sell a particular painting until he raised the price from $10,000 to somewhere around $75,000!

I had a guy write me and say “If anyone really wanted a star mural on their ceiling they could just do it themselves”. My response? HA! Fortunately it’s not that easy!

Unless you know what you’re doing you won’t be happy with the end results, I guarantee it. There are skilled trade secrets to making a star mural look good and catching people’s eye. Once you discover these secrets you will have full confidence to approach your prospects. And you can then be paid handsomely for your efforts.

My very first job netted me over $50 per hour. I did a small portal-size mural that was a birthday present for a guy’s wife. I painted the exact night sky of her birthday and it was positioned so they could see it in bed. It took me only two and a half hours to complete and I made $125 net profit. I used maybe a few dollars worth of paint.

You could specialize in doing just these smaller star portals. It’s an easy way to get the ball rolling and get good at doing full ceiling murals. And anyone can afford one of these. The ideal price is $150 – $400 depending on size and detail and it makes for a short, easy work day! And so goes the age-old saying; “Sell to the masses – live with the classes”.

Once you get comfortable and know what you are doing you can become the serious artist. You won’t settle for anything less than maximum profits for your work.

Most Homes Have Nothing Like This

Many a mansion has fancy ceilings with decorative artwork, fancy woodwork, decorative plaster, etc. Millionaires, billionaires and royalty enjoy the beauty of their fancy artful ceilings. And yet, many of them still do not have an Amazing Star Mural ceiling let alone most normal homes!

Now you can offer the privilege of ceiling art to not only the rich and famous, but to EVERYONE by showing them something that's out of this world – a lifetime of pleasure viewing the stars! You can even start with some common folk and as you build up your confidence you can find yourself painting stars in the million dollar homes - but you better HURRY and strike while the iron is hot before someone else gets them all!

How I Got Started Painting Murals

Like countless others, I have always loved science-fiction and outer space. Especially an outer space movie where a dark, mysterious starship is on a mission through deep interstellar space to an unknown distant world – an ALIEN WORLD!

Even today I am fascinated by the documentaries about our universe. The new Hubble color photos revealing millions of other galaxies like ours… It seems that the universe is filled with countless other galaxies that hang in space like small, compact spider nests, full of stars.

These newly-discovered galaxies are scattered without number throughout our endless universe. They are probably no doubt as immeasurable to count as the sand which is upon the sea shore or maybe a trillion to the trillionth power seashores.

Each of these galaxies could contain well over a hundred billion sun-like stars each or MORE. Man, that’s a lot of stars! We are really, really small compared to the big picture!

Just to cross over our own Milky Way galaxy is believed to take about 100,000 light years alone. And now experts are saying that the Milky Way may be twice the size once reported. And there could be billions if not trillions and even MORE of these enormous “SEAS OF LIGHTS” out there called galaxies!

Think of all the possible endless worlds of old time and times to come. There are nurseries of stars out there that are only just beginning. They probably have a billion or so years to go before they even get out of the nursery.

I also believe that where there is LIGHT there is LIFE. The stars no doubt even emit sounds and music that we cannot hear with our natural ears.

Just in our planetary system alone we are starting to find water. And it may just be as Einstein believed that the universe goes on and on and on forever. God only knows!

Wow!!!  Thanks Lee,

Great shipping! I talked to you on Friday and recieved it Monday.

You pack a whoolup of information on that CD.  Took me quite a while yesterday just to go through for an quick overview.  Today I am going to take a bit more time and check out some of the links you included for suppliers and other ideas.

Everything is there I need to get going.  So glad I found you instead of investing thousands.  Thank-you for being straight foward and helping me to get started in appreciating our night sky again!  And the money it can bring in!

hope to talk to you again,

"The Amazing Star Mural Painting System"

As a house painter I was looking for a powerful add-on niche that I could make more money with. When I found this star mural painting concept I was tremendously excited about the possibilities. I immediately became hooked for life!

It was back in 2005 when I began testing and using various techniques successfully on my own. Over the years I have learned how to create some very realistic looking space scenes and some unique painting tools along the way.

These are not really painting tools. I like to think of them as “application tools”. Star murals are not difficult to create when you have the right application tools and know the right techniques for using them.

You see, there are several parts to a star mural that would take years to master all on your own. I have put together a special, fully-illustrated course on CD-ROM that shows you everything needed. All the trade secrets for creating amazing, cash producing star filled ceilings are revealed.

This fully-illustrated course will shave light years off the long, slow, learning curve process. You will reach your star destination fast OVERNIGHT!

You will be able to create the most REALISTIC-LOOKING Stars, Shooting Stars, Milky Ways and really cool ‘Sci-fi’ artwork that will have your family, friends and neighbors (and most importantly, cash-paying customers) in awe! Nothing will be too difficult for you to master in this course - I promise.

The Most Advanced Star Biz Manual on the Planet Fueled By A Special Quick-Start System

This is no sampler's package. "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System" reveals ALL the secret tricks and techniques for making ultra-professional murals that will literally blow people away. NOTHING is held back. These secrets took years to master but they can all be yours instantly.

There is a lot of information on the CD including a special QUICK-START section including colorful, easy-to-follow photos. They show you the basics and can have you making ultra-professional and highly-advanced star murals in record time.

My painting system is simple and easy to learn. It produces REALISTIC looking night skies. The results are DYNAMIC. If you want to make $500 per day or more, this type of specialty painting could be the fastest, easiest and best way to do it for you.

With a little practice and some commitment, there is simply no reason why YOU cannot make a name for yourself and earn thousands of dollars in this awesome trade. Once You Know the Right Techniques and Tools You Can Actually Be Making Professional Star Murals WITHIN A FEW DAYS TIME.

And these secrets can by yours today. I hold nothing back. All my trade secrets for making professional star murals are revealed to you in a easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. As a skilled craftsman of a secret trade your talent will always commands high profits.

Using This Product You Will Be Able To Make Amazing Star Murals That Will Look Better Than This Simulated One

You will be able to charge whatever you want and put awesome star murals like this (right) in the finest of homes!  You will of course, have a product anyone can afford as well (like 6-ft. star portals).

  • Using this product, you can easily charge $1,000 for a master bedroom ceiling because you will have knowledge of the right tools and techniques! You will be able to do kids, teens and even grown-ups bedroom ceilings right off the bat – even commercial jobs.
  • And as you quickly progress and learn the trade you will gradually increase your rates per ceiling because of the extra detail that can go into each project.
  • No one will be able to touch you. Your murals will look so awesome and no one else will be able to easily duplicate what you are capable of doing. Your work will be in high demand. You will create a profitable name for yourself.
  • As you get the hang of what you are doing, you can easily score $500 – $600 and more for highly detailed star themes that can be done in just a day or less whenever you want. You can work just one day a week or do murals every day.
  • Advanced artists are getting $600 – $1200 for just a normal size ceiling. What’s their secret? Their work looks breath-takenly awesome and it is in high demand due to referrals! These artists don’t have to advertise. They are so good that word-of-mouth is a travelin’!
  • The Best Business Opportunity for those who love to create awesomeness!
  • In time you may get asked to do ceilings in other states from word-of-mouth through the friends and families of your past customers. You could take your family with you on a mini-vacation and get paid for it by doing just one job. The possibilities are endless!
  • Easily affordable for everyone. You can offer star mural ‘portals’ as well as full ceiling murals!

Introducing: “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” Bending The Light To Your Advantage...


You Are About To Discover How To Create “Amazing Star Murals” That Will Be Worth $1,000 – $2000.  How’s that you say?  Because I Will Show You Step-by-Step, How To Make Them Look Incredibly Real Whether You Are an Artist or Not!

PLEASE NOTE: this IS NOT some little sampler package.  This is a complete starbiz learning system complete with step-by-step color photos and videos revealing all the tools, tricks, techniques, etc. for making professional star murals.

  • One of The Easiest, Most Profitable, Business Opportunities Available!
  • Everything Needed To Start Making Hundreds Daily and More!
  • Discover How To Make Realistic-Looking Star Filled Ceilings That Twinkle Just Like The Actual Night Sky – (from dusk till dawn)!
  • All of the Inner Trade Secrets and Techniques Needed to Make Mesmerizing Space Murals are carefully laid out!
  • Discover all the Highly Advanced Application Tools and Techniques that make Amazing Star Mural Ceilings™ possible amazingly possible.
  • Even discover How To Make Super Realistic-Looking Planets, Moons, Constellations, Shooting Stars, Meteors, Comets and More!
  • How To Easily Create UFO’s, Fantasy Scenes and MORE!
  • Simple Marketing Plan – Even How To Get All The Customers You Want For FREE!
  • Secret Strategy and Technique for Getting Paid Top Dollar for all your creations…
  • A highly-advanced course that shows you how to make the most awesome star mural ceilings and star portals that will command big cash profits!

==============[Side Bar]======

The Amazing Star Mural Painting System is very affordable when you realize that other artistic business opportunities like “advanced faux painting workshops” cost well over $2,000 to attend (and that is without counting in the cost of your time, travel and lodging expenses).


Hi Lee,

Jim Brown here, one of your most recent students of your star mural painting system course.You have certainly outdone yourself and over delivered with this amazing course!  Thank you for your thorough explanations and guidance.

Hi Lee,

i just wanted to let you know that i downloaded and reviewed the information tonight, and i just have to tell you that i am THRILLED with your comprehensive information! you’ve obviously put a lot of time, effort and expertise into this package, thank you so much! i’m a self employed faux finisher, and have been keen on adding star murals to my portfolio for a couple of years now, but was hesitant to spend upwards of several thousand dollars others are charging.

i have already sold one ceiling mural to one of my best customers.  i will be doing my first mural for them in january, so that gives me plenty of time to practice. they are as excited as i am to have a starry night sky glowing in their new theatre room.  i already anticipate that star murals will be a HUGE seller for me, just in home theatre rooms alone, and i look forward to a very prosperous business year!

happy painting, many thanks and kind regards,

Karen Edmonton Alberta,  Canada

While I am not exactly a Rembrandt type of painter (just a neat one) I have developed a fun way to make an easy $500 – $1,000 per day doing something that is so exciting and addictive you just cannot leave it alone.

It’s called “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” and it’s ideal for bedroom ceilings, walls, entertainment rooms, hotels, motels, yachts and more. If you can paint a dot on a ceiling you can do this type of art. You see, there are as many bedroom ceilings to paint as there is stars in the sky and nobody knows how to do this type of painting – but you soon can have all the secrets!


During the daytime an amazing star mural ceiling looks just like any other ceiling. But when the room is darkened the magic light show begins and lasts for hours – even all night!

Would you like to get paid at least $500 in a single day to give ceilings the optical illusion of a real night sky complete with twinkling stars, shooting stars and even colorful super-realistic Milky Ways?


  • Literally everyone is your prospect! Peoples homes have many possible ceilings to paint ceiling star murals on. It’s not just limited to bedrooms. There are cottages and summer homes even. There are hotels, motels, bed and breakfast places, inns, and lots more. There’s as many possibilities as you can think of!

A professionally done star mural ceiling can cost hundreds, even over a thousand dollars and can be done in less than a day or two. The cost of materials is pennies on the dollar when you count your over-all profits! You don’t have to be gifted to paint the stars. If you can paint a dot on a ceiling you can make money. The secret is in knowing HOW to create them.

A Shiny Bright Chrome Disk Full Of Amazing Star Mural Secrets Has Been Spotted And Could Be Heading To Your Door

Again, after years of testing what works and what works best, I have put together everything needed for someone to start their very own professional, high-profit, star mural painting business.  This information that took YEARS of learning are secrets for you that are worth a fortune in quick, easy, fun jobs that yield you HUGE profits.

All the tricks-of-the-trade, tools and resources needed, including how to get plenty of customers is shown in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step course. Everything is in color and fully-illustrated.

Once you order your copy of “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” instruction manual on CD-ROM you will be on your way to the fastest, easiest painting profits around – Guaranteed! You will have a fantastic way to make money FOR LIFE! A professional, obscure painting system that's out of this world and that will be yours to use for the rest of your life.

The Great Space Race

To reach our closest star system (Alpha Centauri) reportedly takes 4.36 years moving “just under the speed of light”. That’s almost 9 years round trip. For the space traveler, it will only mean about 90-days duration one way because of the “space-time” effect. Unfortunately, his loved ones back home will not see him for at least 9 years.

If you want to make big profits painting star murals you must avoid wasting precious time traveling at “light speeds”. Because of the pesky, “space-time” effect, everything around you could age at an incredibly high rate while you are off rocketing around that long old learning curve in your own private universe. What you really need is a super-affordable way to get started immediately in your own star biz.

“The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” is a powerful way to move PAST the speed of light, where the effects of space-time cannot hinder you. ASM is super-affordable and easy to learn.

You can be making some really nice star ceilings instantly and make your investment back on just one job. See yourself having a life-time of high income and financial freedom — even the choice to live anywhere you want to here on Terra firma. This could be your chance to make some serious money doing something awesome!

I bought the glow star paint system from Lee.   I found the information given to be quite helpful.  Lee has tricks to show you how to make your project impressive to anyone who sees it.  I had to contact Lee with questions and he got right back to me with answers.  I look forward to working with Lee in the future.  Thanks again for your help Lee….

Officer Matthew Bobby

You will have a perfect way to earn more money in just one day than most people make all week. You will be unemployable, financially independent and spoiled forever. I love the feeling. I have been self-employed since 1991 now and I have never needed or wanted a regular job since.

Not often does a unique business opportunity come around like this. I can show you how to turn ordinary ceilings into an accurate view of the night sky that people can only see when they turn the lights out.

During the daytime a star mural ceiling looks pretty much like any other ceiling. But at night when the lights are off, it all magically comes alive with all the stars, colors and constellations you (or they) choose!

The daytime light of our own unique star (our sun), will be secretly hidden in their ceilings, ready to be seen when the lights go out!

  “The WOW Signal”

The original "Wow! Signal" was a strong, narrow-band radio signal detected by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977 while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear Radio Observatory in Ohio.  The signal came from the constellation Sagittarius and lasted for 72 seconds.  Nothing like it has been heard of since - except for when people see their new star mural for the first time!

There is a certain amount of people out there that are naturally excited about the stars, outer space and awesome artwork. They come from all walks of life. It is your job to find them and SHOW them. The rest is magic!

All you have to do is show people some of your awesome space art that you created and there will be those that will beg you to paint their bedroom ceiling(s)! You will know when you got a live one when you see the expression on their face and get a "WOW signal" of your own!

You can easily create sample star mural posters that will easily excite people. You will learn how to put the extra “WOW” into them that make people’s eyes light up!

Here’s the Vital Information You Will Receive With Your Fully-Illustrated,“Amazing Star Mural Painting System” manual on CD-ROM:

  • How To Create “Amazing Star Murals” That Will Be Worth $1,000 – $2000!
  • How to easily build your own low-cost navigation equipment for making constellation-correct star murals that turn any ceiling into a virtual planetarium.
  • How to Create Radiant Stars, Shooting Stars, Milky Ways, Nebulae, UFO’s, and MORE…
  • How To Create Your Own Killer 3-D Space Art (add all types of exciting graphic designs to your star ceilings like flying saucers, cartoon space characters, moons, planets and more!)
  • The special low-cost tool needed for energizing your creations as you paint them!
  • You will Discover ALL of the Secret Application Tools used to create the most realistic-looking stars, shooting stars, comets, meteors, galaxies, etc.
  • Everything is water clean-up and you will hardly need a drop cloth. Everything is very clean to use during the creation process!
  • How to Accurately Price All Your Work
  • How to Advertise Effectively and Even Get all the Business You Want for FREE!
  • You will soon Become a Master Illusionist by discovering how to combine custom 3-D Space Art along with the most awesome, authentic-looking Radiant Stars and Colorful Milky Ways!

Looking For a Second Job? Forget About it!

You’ll never qualify again for any job once you’ve been making as much as your doctor makes in one day – (only with fewer the hours!)  Besides, all the experts agree that it is always far more profitable to start a small, sideline business than it is to go out and waste your precious time hustling for part-time “McPeanuts”.

Realistically you could retire on just this business opportunity alone if you really wanted to. Once you own your own educational/fantasy space art business you can do murals for life — on a full or part-time basis. It’s just that simple.  And you can make money in Jupiter Florida, Riverside Iowa or anywhere in the world your dreams dare to take you.

Painting star murals are extremely light work.  A senior citizen would have no problem running his or her own business as long as they can safely stand on a step ladder.

The only difficult part to this business opportunity is that most people will never figure out in a thousand years how to do an advanced star scene.  And the rest don’t want to take the time or could care less.  They just want an amazing, beautiful, exciting, fantasy, 3-D star mural ceiling!

Kids love the effect.  Just on that note alone the market is huge.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Millions of people young and old, from all walks of life and from all income levels are fascinated with the stars — Especially today because of light pollution you probably only see about 1% of the stars in the sky.

Today you literally have to go climb up high on a mountain top somewhere to see the night sky as it REALLY looks.  Most people (at least in the USA) have NEVER even seen our Milky Way let along all the stars and the constellations – they don’t even know they exist!

Could you imagine trying to navigate the seas in times past?  The Vikings, Christopher Columbus and even the Mayflower wouldn’t have made the journey without the stars to guide them!

Are you an artist? Great! – Let me show you how you can easily start earning a fantastic income from your own highly profitable Star Mural Painting Business!

Are you NOT an artist? Great! – Let me show you how easy it is to create these amazing star murals and how to start your own highly profitable home-based business!

BONUS – As a professional painter, not only can I show you how to get all the business you want for free - I can show you how to accurately price all your jobs too (you will have full confidence and posture)!

  • Make $500/Day And Even More!
  • Learn How To Get All The Customers You Want For Free
  • Work Part-Time (work just one day a week if you like)
  • Anyone Can Be A Customer (know anyone who has a bedroom ceiling or two… a game room… a movie room… den… a hotel or motel… bed and breakfast… etc…?)
  • Most People Have At Least 3 Bedrooms and even a den that’s perfect for a ceiling Star-Mural or Star Portal
  • You will learn the secrets for the ONLY way to easily make beautiful eye-appealing constellation-correct star-filled ceilings. I have untapped the guaranteed best way to make star mural ceilings look so real that you will not be able to quit looking at them!
  • How To Easily Price Your Work
  • Make Extra Money Any Time You Need Some… in Any State or Country you want!
  • This is a Fully-Illustrated Course on CD-ROM complete with Color Photos. You also get my quick-start guide showing you EVERYTHING needed to launch your own home-based Star Mural Painting Business super-FAST! You will be able to produce quality work right out of the gate.
  • Friends and neighbors will be so impressed when they see your work – They might become your first cash-paying customers!
  • All the best, time and experience-tested tools are revealed.
  • You will be able to make people stand in awe the very first time they see their bedroom or entertainment room ceiling fully alive with a night sky full of action-packed, glistening stars (and every time after that!).
  • People are going to talk to everyone they know about their new star filled ceiling and recommend YOU!
  • You will truly be proud of your work. It will bring so much joy to your heart to stand back and admire your work. This is where it gets addicting!
  • Find Out How To Make Astronomically Correct Star Murals on ceilings
  • You will have everything needed to make thousands per week – Guaranteed! All you have to do is get the buzz going and this will happen once people see your work.
  • Highly Advanced Application Tools that make Amazing Star Murals™ possible.
  • The correct methods used to make REALISTIC-LOOKING 3-D stars, shooting stars, comets, meteors, galaxies, planets, moons, UFO’s and MORE!
  • Work just a couple hours a day if you want and take the rest of the week off!
  • The perfect part- time home business – Make a Full-Time Income Working Just Part-time Hours!
  • If You Ever Wanted Your Own Instant Money-Making Opportunity – HERE IT IS “An Easy $500 A Day Plan” – Sell The Stars AND Live with the Stars – Live like a Star – You will become a Superstar! You even get to keep ALL the money too!

 It’s Time To Get What “YOU” Want

How many dreams or toys have you been putting off over the years? You know, simply because you cannot seem to justify the need or get past the daily humdrum of paying bills. Maybe that’s not you. But if it is – this is an excellent way to REWARD YOURSELF and get the things you have been wanting for so long.

What would you buy for yourself if you could earn big chunks of cash in a single day? How about $5,000 this month? THINK ABOUT IT!! Isn’t it time to do something about some of those wants and wishes you have been putting off for so long?

Life is short and you deserve some fun and good times. This is "The American Way"! Now is the time to take action and capitalize on something you enjoy doing. If you ever wanted a profitable part time home business – This could be it for you!

All you have to do is put a sample of your work in front of people and watch their eyes light up while asking them for a down payment – It WILL happen if you position yourself enough to score! Watch for that WOW Signal!

5 Good Reasons to Order NOW!

“The Amazing Star Mural Painting System”…

1.) If you really want a business that will make some of your dreams come true… and get paid extremely well doing something you love… ORDER NOW!

2.) If you want to create star filled rooms that make it look like the ceiling has literally disappeared… and awesome Milky Ways that look so real… all night long… ORDER NOW!

3.) If you want to create your own exclusive looking UFOs and colorful space creatures that people cannot take their eyes off of… ORDER NOW!

4.) If you want to save a lot of money by creating your own star making tools yourself... ODER NOW!

5.) If you want the ability to be able to make $500, $1,000 even $1,500 in one day... ORDER NOW!

This is really a $600 course. You Need to Order this CD-ROM RIGHT NOW – Before the price goes up any further!!

I promise you that by using the techniques and secrets revealed, you WILL be making high-priced, colorful space murals that are artistic and real looking and are visible from dusk till dawn.

You will have people’s eyes glued to their ceilings! They will be proud to have and own one of your exclusive, one-of-a-kind, spacey murals in their homes (and mansions) as well.


High Hourly Rate – Easily make more money per hour doing star murals than most jobs or any service business could ever offer.

Guided by a Professional Painter – I have all the secrets for creating awesome- looking murals (since 2005) and I am ready to share them with you. I also know how to get tons of business – especially Free business.

Free Lifetime Help – Any time you need help in your star mural business you can call me or e- mail me and I will be more than eager to help you.

WARNING: my return e-mails sometimes get rather lengthy. I just can’t help myself. I get geeked.

Enjoy Your Work – It has been said… “If you love what you do for a living, you will never work a day in your life” – Ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth!

Flexible Hours – You can work part-time hours but earn a full time income. Live the lifestyle of a millionaire!

Awesome Low-Cost Tools – Since 2005 I have tested and created various tools to find the ones that work best for creating realistic star murals. I love my tools that make Amazing Star Murals possible amazing – and I will share them with you!

Easy Pricing System – You will have a simplified pricing system that is easy to use. Even easy choices that ANYONE at ANY income level can afford!

Powerful Low-Cost Advertising – The advertising materials that I provide are time-tested and are proven to work well. Again, “Seeing is believing!”.

World’s Easiest Painting System – Very simple, easy to use star mural painting system that no one else can easily duplicate without prior knowledge. Extremely light-weight, fun work. Did I mention EASY?!! How about fiendishly clever!

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Dear, Lee!

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